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The International Industrial Springs (IIS) Experience of KYB-Corporate & KYE

I grew up in a family with lots of strengths, perfect culture, hardworking nature, lots of sympathy and spiritualism. I had never planned or was suggested by anybody to do KYB (Know Your Business) but it just happened. It was clearly destined so that I could get back my true self and live life spreading happiness and peace.

I was always into right or wrong and trying to justify my actions and other people’s action towards every situation. Such situation always created discontent and angst in me and left me or them with lots of grudges. This would disturb my peace & during that period I worked harder to solve even simple situations.

Doing KYB helped me share my concerns & feelings with others and listen to others experiences. In doing so I realized that all of us had sometime or the other been in a similar situations and we had reacted differently. Simple as it may sound but F1, F2 & F3, “legacy” and “want to” have changed my life.

I realized that most of the working and business people in today’s fast pace life do not get such a platform like KYB to share, forgive and create a future for themselves and their families. The first step I thought was to share this experience and impact with everybody. Most of the motivation seminar and training I extended to my employees was always lasting for few days or weeks after the training. In fact I have observed that most of the employees got back to routine within a week.

KYB & KYE has changed lives in my organization –

  1. One employee said “ I have discovered & got a new life due to KYE”
  2. Most workers have taken their relationship with their spouses to the true level of companionship due to daily sharing with family, F123 and responsibility for their future which the created as they wrote in the final session. This has led to freedom from stress, ego, anger etc at their home and improved concentration at work thereby increased their productivity and quality of life.
  3. Employees have now extended their relationship with IIS as a family. They are concerned and responsible for the organizations growth through their growth since they are clear about their future.
  4. The Mother-in-law has now become a mother to many women and this has led to complete peace & harmony at their home. In the beginning most of my employees resisted going for KYB and KYE, since they thought that there is no business in this, no presentation , no course material etc. Employees did want to open up their past. But slowly and slowly with the space created in each session for sharing they have got their true self and meaning of life.

I strongly recommend you to get your organization K-Educated . Your organization will grow in your business and make more profits (which in anyways is going to happen) and life of each employee will transform forever, and they will touch many more people in their families and communities making the world a better place.