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Landmark Day of My Life…

25th Jan.2014 – 6th session of my KYP program

This was the day when impossible was made possible in my life.

I thought and decided about something that I had never imagined in my dreams. You all must be wondering WHAT??

If I go in flash back, I recollect the first time when I got a call from the director of my organization.

“There is a very powerful program especially designed for women, you must go to attend the same.”

My obvious and immediate answer, “I don’t need anything like this, I am very positive and confident person”

After few minutes of discussion I decided to go for the same.

The Beginning of the journey of transformation from stereotype housewife to a very passionate entrepreneur –

For me, leaving my children alone and going to work was something that I will never do. All I wanted to do in life was work as long as my children are in school and reach home before they are back. I was content in this life style. I could not think beyond this.


On the 6th day of KYP session, Mrs. Anitha Manickam, our leader asked me a simple question,

“Why can’t you think beyond this?”

I had all the answers of the world

“My children will be left alone.”

“My family life will be lost.”

My each answer was followed by a question from our leader. One of them was “Don’t you feel connected to your father who was out of home for most of the day”?

And I did not have answer to those questions or rather I pondered for the first time on these questions.

After this discussion our leader asked only one question, “Do you have any goal which seems to be impossible?”

And my answer was “No”. And that was end of a long road and beginning of new journey.

Thanks to KYP program. Now, I have taken up franchisee of Helen O Grady of Sanpada area. I am starting to work as an Edu- Entrepreneur.

And I am sure this is just a beginning.

Shweta Sinha