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I attended KYB 15 and started assisting in KYP 7. I always felt that my relationship with my

husband and my family was always good, but after doing KYB and realizing the gaps,

I had an opportunity to work on those areas. The impact of these actions is now that I have great relationship with not just with my family but also with my extended family and friends. I had always wanted to lose weight but in one of the session I realized, that I did not “want to” lose weight but it was a compulsion that I “have to” lose weight which actually came from my very early childhood incident. Using the assignments, technology and process I succeeded in dismantling that design in me. I joined dietician and today I am weighing 8 kg lighter in just 40 days. By the way KYB or KYP is obviously not about losing weight – it is about knowing what is stopping us from achieving something that we want to and then dealing with that.

During the session Nirav sir helped me understand my gap with respect to time. Today I can say that my attitude towards time has fully altered, which is benefitting me professionally. Everyone has been telling me that I have been doing extremely well professionally however I was not satisfied. Something is still missing. I came to know about KYC (Know Your Customers) and I realized that journey that has begun needs to continue hence enrolled in KYC. If anyone would tell me that two and half day’s journey in KYC would have changed so many things in me, I would not have believed it. But now after completing KYC, these two and half days have totally transformed me and altered so many things.

Now I know,

how can I understand, connect and attract customers

How can I have people being part of my business taking a stand for my business growth and having great relationships

How can I create money

How can my customers’ partner in my business expansion and the list goes on….

Having resolved so many constraints and worked on my beliefs on the last day we were creating future and it just flowed in effortlessly.

I have realized that KYB was taking us out of our comfort zone and showing potential of what can be achieved and KYC actually flew us in that space where we worked on our business model. I also experienced that my business growth is happening in top speed. I have been in action since KYC and have started getting phenomenal results.

Victor sir made this journey so smooth and helped each one of us work on our stops and discover our boundaries. I actually discovered the real me and I haven’t been able to stop smiling since second day of KYC.

I am very thankful to K – Education for this great gift to me and society at large.


HOD (Accountancy) at SIES College & Assistant Director at ITM EEC