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All courses

  • KYB (Know Your Business)


    We call this phase: Rediscovery.

    Every business reaches a phase where the native intelligence of the founder isn’t enough for it to flourish further inorganically. There is a need for relearning & reinventing your own business. This first phase of learning comprises of 12 sessions.

    Our unrivalled courses in KYB help the participants to rediscover themselves by making them realize their realigned dreams and aspirations.

  • KYC (Know Your Customer)


    We call this phase: Recognition.

    Every business needs to recognize who its customers or target audiences are. Once recognized, the business can create powerful negotiations and move at an accelerated pace.

    This 8 session advanced program can be applied immediately after completing a basic program. Be a part of KYC and step on the accelerator of your life!

  • KYP (Know Your Power)


    We call this phase: Empowerment.

    Specially designed for women, KYP helps women to realize their unlimited power, helping them transform homes to temples of human existence.